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Singyan solar was founded in May 2003, is a research and development, design, production, sales, installation, after-sales in one of the production-oriented professional solar lighting company. The company upholds the spirit of innovation and pioneering, grasps the market demand, constantly weeds out the old and brings forth the new, absorbs the advanced manufacturing technology, processing technology and business philosophy of domestic and foreign counterparts. With strong financial strength, complete production capacity, outstanding professionals, excellent product quality, actively participate in domestic and foreign urban roads, residential lighting and other construction projects, sales network throughout the country.

With environmental protection and energy saving, the company advocates the concept of green life, and is committed to developing and producing series of energy-saving products such as LED, solar energy, wind energy and so on. The main products are: solar street lamp, landscape lamp, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp, projector lamp, LED street lamp head and other products, which can meet the diversified needs of the world market in an all-round way.

The company's workshop is 3000 square meters, and has invested in large-scale bending machines, roll-plate open-parallel line, numerical control injection molding machine, die casting machine, hydraulic stretching machine, powder electrostatic spraying line, LED patch machine and other advanced equipment. The product quality has been strongly guaranteed and certified by authoritative bodies, and the products have passed the ISO 9001 international quality. Quantity system certification, CCC certification, CE certification, RoHS, IP65 and other international standard product certificates. For many years, it has been awarded the title of "Enterprise of Respecting Contract and Keeping Credit" by the government and industry authorities. With the continuous improvement of product quality, exquisite craftsmanship, safety and energy saving, environmental protection and reliability, it has been sold all over the world.

Vision, vision, build the future together! The company strives to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, to contribute to the world lighting industry, to provide customers with high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving products, quality-oriented, reputation-oriented, for the national project contractors, real estate developers and design institutes, landscape companies, we take high-quality quality quality quality. Perfect service, complete varieties and preferential prices are dedicated to cooperating friends. We sincerely hope to work with you hand in hand and win-win cooperation.


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